Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dispatches From Bevinstan

As I said last night, the KY Democrats are now gone, wiped out in the General Assembly.  There is nothing standing between Bevin and everything he wants, and with a Trump administration, well, it's going to get bad here starting fast.  And he wants everyone to know that he his enemies are the first to end up under the bus.

On the defeat of House Speaker Greg Stumbo:

"The best news that came out of any individual district, for sure ... 38 years I believe Greg has been here, a career politician. He hasn't given a rip about the people in his district for a long time. He hasn't even lived there for better than a decade ... I say, 'Good riddance.' I mean he will not be missed one bit. Kentucky will be better for his absence." (From WVHU Radio.)

On the Environmental Protection Agency:

"Donald Trump has voiced his support for the coal industry ... Nothing would make me happier than to see his administration say, 'You know what? We're going to gut the EPA.' The EPA is not needed at the federal level ... There's not one state in America that wants dirty water and dirty air for its people. Not one. We've got the ability to implement, we're already the ones that enforce all the action at the state level. Let us continue to do what we are doing and what we can do well without the interference, without the un-elected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., passing down edicts ..." (From WVHU Radio.) 
On Obamacare:

"Obamacare is a disaster. It has been from the time it was rammed down our throats by Democrats –100 percent of the people supporting it were Democrats. Well, guess what? The American people sent a powerful message last night. We have the presidency. We have the U.S. Senate. We have the U.S. Congress. We have states like ours and governors like myself that are saying enough of this. We're rejecting it. We want it gone. It's going to be gone." (From WVLC Radio.)

On Kentucky's direction:

"We will start to go in a different direction where able-bodied working age men and women are going to be expected to go to work. They're not going to get things for nothing in the state of Kentucky. Where deadbeat dads are not going to be welcome in this state – they are going to be held to account to take care of their children. Where people are going to (have) incentive to be, you know, traditional families with a mother and a father raising their children. Where we're going to start to reward the types of things that we know the cornerstone of a good, civilized society and a successful society are based on. We're going to return to the true Judeo-Christian principles that this nation was founded on. We're not going to be apologetic for the values that made this state and this nation great." (From WVLC Radio.)

I now live in a Christian theocratic state, dedicated to getting rid of people like myself, in a Christian theocratic country, dedicated to getting rid of people like myself.

Gonna be good times.

Welcome to Bevinstan.

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