Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Open Thread

Polls close here in Kentucky starting at 6 PM and in the Central time zone half of the state at 7 PM, so we'll place all state calls here starting then.

I'll update as we go.

[9 PM update]  Florida is razor close, as is Ohio and NC.  Still no surprises.  In the Senate races, Tammy Duckworth wins in IL, but Evan F'ckin Bayh was smoked in Indiana.

Locally, Kentucky Democrats have been annihilated.  This state is now under one-party GOP rule until further notice. KY GOP needed to pick up 4 seats, they might end up with a dozen plus.  Matt Bevin will be able to pass anything he wants come 2017, and then this state will feel the pain.  Kansas budget plus an NC bathroom bill plus the closing of the state's last abortion provider?  A very real possibility.

[10 PM update] Ohio officially called for Trump, Virginia called for Clinton.  Iowa, Nevada, and Colorado too close to call.  Turnout massive but that's throwing off all the state call models.

[11 PM update] NC and Florida called for Trump.  CO called for Clinton. This is where things start getting dicey.  MI, WI, PA, NH, GA still too close to call.  Clinton needs MI, WI, NV and PA now.  Any one of those go to Trump, it's all but over.

[12 AM update] Georgia and Iowa go to Trump.  FOX News has called Wisconsin for Trump, but others have not. PA, NH, MI, AZ, NV still not called yet.  Without Wisconsin...I don't think she can win.

[1 AM update]  Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all but called for Trump the way NC and Florida were earlier tonight.   It's just about over barring some serious last-minute urban voting.

[1:45 final update] And AP calls PA for Trump. I was wrong like everyone.

It's over barring a miracle involving Clinton winning everything else.   Clinton will probably win the popular vote.

But here there be dragons.

Tomorrow, we fight them.

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