Friday, March 17, 2017

Escape From LA (County Courthouse)

Trump regime ICE agents squaring off with California's immigrant-friendly communities are literally taking the battle over arresting the undocumented to court.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been going to courthouses and arresting people in America illegally, sparking outrage from prosecutors and attorneys.

They worry such tactic will discourage undocumented immigrants from appearing in court to testify as witnesses for prosecutors.

Criminal defense lawyer Octavio Chaidez said his client is among those taken into custody by ICE agents, who arrested him at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Pasadena.

He said he had just finished a criminal court appearance with his client when four agents swooped in, confirmed his name and took his client away.

“It was very shocking because it occurred inside of a courthouse, and the reason for the detention had nothing to do with that proceeding,” recalled Chaidez, who would not say if his client has a criminal history.

Chaidez said he is among many attorneys and prosecutors who worry ICE arrests at courthouses will create enough fear of deportation among witnesses or victims of crimes to affect the outcomes of cases.

“They may refuse to contact the police. They may refuse to give testimony as a witness. They may refuse to show up in court, and that affects the entire system,” the attorney explained.

Again, the newly empowered ICE brownshirts are there to create an atmosphere of constant fear, fear of ICE agents around every corner, hiding in every public building or corner, waiting to arrest and deport people who have been living here in some cases for decades, working jobs, raising families and paying taxes.

Now they are the hunted.

The Bush era of "compassionate conservatism" is dead and buried.  Conservatism now is white nationalism, with the power of the government used to preserve the American ethno-state against demography at a frightening price.  These are people preparing for a war inside our own borders, folks, nudging forward the corrosion of legal, ethical, and social norms in order to take vicious, decisive action when the foundations finally crack.

That may be sooner rather than later.

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