Thursday, March 2, 2017

Our Media Is Too Stupid To Function

At this point the Trump regime is now publicly laughing at the press, openly bragging  that they conned media outlets like CNN into believing Trump was "open to immigration reform" in order to get positive press attention.

CNN reported Wednesday on a senior administration official admitting that the White House intentionally misled reporters ahead of President Donald Trump‘s congressional address in order to get generate positive press coverage as part of a “misdirection play.” 
Multiple reports Tuesday indicated that Trump would embrace a more moderate tone on immigration and would announce that he was willing to negotiate granting millions of illegal immigrants legal status. Most of those reports, cited to a “senior administration official,” came immediately after anchors lunched with Trump. Some of those outlets then just attributed the claim to the president himself. 
But when it was time for Trump to actually give the speech, he said nothing of the sort. CNN’s Sara Murray complained the next day about “the bait and switch that the president pulled when it came to immigration yesterday. He had this meeting with the anchors, he talked about a path to legal status.” 
Basically they fed [them] things that they thought these anchors would like, that they thought would give them positive press coverage for the next few hours. A senior administration official admitted that it was a misdirection play,” she reported. 
Host John King wondered why reporters should even trust the White House going forward. “It does make you wonder; so we’re not supposed to believe what the senior-most official at the lunch says — who then they allowed it to be the president’s name says — we’re not supposed to believe what they say?” he asked. “Maybe we shouldn’t believe what they say.”

And they will refuse to walk out on Trump, and they will continue to be lied to, and they will continue to praise the President in order to remain in his good graces while the American public turns them off in disgust.

The Trump regime is in full state-controlled media mode, and nobody will challenge them until it's far, far past being too late.

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