Friday, September 22, 2017

Last Call For The Gang's All Here

If anyone thinks that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to do anything about Trump's odious malfeasance, well, Jeff's too busy using the position given to him to turn American into shivering wrecks too afraid to go outside their doors because of an imaginary child army of deadly Latino gangbangers waiting to decapitate your family.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is warning that many unaccompanied minors trying to enter the U.S. across its southern border are gang members whom the country should view as “wolves in sheep's clothing.” 
In a speech to local and national law enforcement this afternoon in Boston, Sessions said transnational gangs like Central America-based MS-13, use what’s known as the ‘unaccompanied refugee minors’ program to “as a means by which to recruit new members.”

The attorney general said the Department of Justice is working with the departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services to “examine the unaccompanied minors issue and the exploitation of this program by the gang members who come to this country as wolves in sheep's clothing.” 
The program was developed in the 1980s to assist with thousands of children in Southeast Asia without parents, according to the Department for Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement. Since 1980, more than 13,000 children have entered the unaccompanied refugee minors program. 
The Obama administration allowed certain minors in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to be considered for refugee status in the United States after tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors from those countries flooded into the United States. In August, DHS canceled the approvals of 2,700 kids who had been conditionally approved for parole but had not received final sign-off. 
Sessions described MS-13’s activities in brutal terms. 
“This is America. We will not allow the likes of MS-13 or any other gang to prey upon our communities, to decapitate individuals with machetes, baseball bats and chains,” Sessions said.

Jeff seems awfully convinced that the largest law enforcement problem in America in 2017 is somehow "Americans being decapitated by baseball bats wielded by scary brown teenagers" or something rather than, you know, a President grifting millions and pissing on the Constitution he's sworn to protect, but far be it from me to tell a racist Confederate elf how to do his job or something.

Seems to be a lot of that "fear of people darker than a paper bag" thing going around these days.

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