Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Last Call For Making A Huge Massie Of Things

Local libertarian douchecanoe for Rep. Thomas Massie is taking a hell of a lot of heat for being one of the only three jagoffs in the House to vote against Harvey funding, and that frustration boiled over to Twitter today.

The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce tweeted out an explicit opinion of U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie. 
The tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted Wednesday afternoon.

"Wow, what a piece of sh*t," the Northern Kentucky Chamber tweeted with a link to a River City News story about Massie, R-Garrison, voting against relief aid for Hurricane Harvey victims. 
Northern Kentucky Chamber President Brent Cooper apologized for the tweet and said he'd launch an investigation into how such a tweet could have come from the chamber Twitter account.

"It doesn't reflect the feeling of the chamber of commerce," Cooper said. "I apologize to Thomas Massie or anyone else who saw it."

NKY's Rep. Thomas Massie one of three 'no' votes on Harvey relief

Cooper said only two chamber staff members have access to the account, he and one other staff member.

"I know it didn't come from me," Cooper said.

The other staff member, whom Cooper wouldn't name, is traveling and didn't tweet it, he said. The chamber also contracts with a company to manage the social media account. Cooper wouldn't name the company. 
"I'm in the process of changing the security information to ensure it doesn't happen again," Cooper said.

The NKY Chamber's terrible Twitter security practices aside, whoever did tweet that was frankly right. It takes a special kind of garbage human being to vote against disaster funding when you know it's needed and Massie has all the empathy of a burning oil refinery.

I'm really hoping that this is the straw that sends Massie home, but NKY is dead solid Trump country, and you can spot the Republican here in 2018 40 points.

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