Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Golden (Brown) State

Harvey dumped a good 4-5 inches of rain here in the Cincy/NKY area over the last 24 hours and of course things are nightmarish in southeastern Texas and western Louisiana, but out on the West Coast the problem is record-smashing heat across California, spawning tinder-dry wildfire conditions as San Francisco and Los Angeles are baking in triple digit temps.

In almost 150 years of record keeping, it has never been as hot in San Francisco as it was on Friday.

Amid a brutal heat wave that has broiled California for a week while intermittently knocking out power to thousands and fueling more than a dozen wildfires, downtown San Francisco hit 106 degrees.

“San Francisco continues to climb. Latest high temperature for downtown is an incredible 106 degrees!” the National Weather Service’s Bay Area station tweeted Friday.

The previous record was 103 degrees, set in 2000. San Franciscans got creative on social media to document their pain.

But that was not even the worst of it for Northern California. By 3 p.m., the East Bay valley cities of Livermore and Pleasanton were at 110 degrees. Livermore was expected to flirt with its all-time record of 115 degrees Saturday — but came up short Friday, reaching 109 degrees.

“When we’re approaching all-time record highs, that’s very unusual,” said Steve Anderson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

The temperature reached 108 degrees in San Jose, breaking the city’s record for Sept. 1 of 101 degrees, set in 1950.

The heat wave marks the finale for what has ended up being the state’s hottest summer on record, UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain said.

All-time record highs in California, all-time record flooding in Texas, and more hurricanes on the way.   And it's not just America seeing awful weather, either.  As much as a third of Bangladesh is underwater with 1,200 dead and the toll rising dramatically as monsoon flooding in South Asia has inundated tens of millions from Nepal to Pakistan.

Welcome to the age of Chinese hoaxes climate change, guys.  As Captain Barbossa said in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, "Ye best start believin'" in climate change stories.  "Yer in one."

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