Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bye-Bye Bibi, Con't

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington for the annual AIPAC conference after meeting with Donald Trump on Monday, but he can't escape the corruption and bribery investigation he's facing back home as calls for his resignation are now louder than ever after Netanyahu was implicated in a third investigation last month.  Now one of his closest confidants is turning states' evidence on him to avoid prosecution.

Nir Hefetz, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "spin doctor" and confidant, will hand over recordings of Netanyahu and his wife Sara as part of a deal with police to turn state's evidence in the bribery case involving the Bezeq telecom giant and the Walla news site. 
Netanyahu, currently in the U.S. for AIPAC and a meeting with Trump, received the news at the Blair House, where he is a guest of the White House. 
In return for testifying against Netanyahu, Hefetz will not stand trial, face prison time or be fined. While he testifies, he will be housed at an isolated installation
According to assessments regarding the deal, Hefetz will also give information regarding the other cases against the prime minister and his wife
Hefetz is the third Netanyahu confidant to turn against the prime minister in the ongoing corruption cases. Hefetz is suspected of receiving bribes and obstructing justice as part of what is called Case 4000. He is also a key figure in 1270, and is second fiddle in Case 2000. 
In Case 4000, Hefetz liaised between the Netanyahu couple and the Walla news website, owned by Bezeq. Hefetz arranged for flattering items on the couple and censorship of less flattering items, Haaretz's Gidi Weitz reported. 
In Case 1270, Hefetz allegedly served as the prime minister's confidant who sought to elucidate how Judge Hila Gerstl felt about closing a case against Sara Netanyahu. Allegedly a trial balloon was floated, hinting to Gerstl that she would be promoted to Israel's next attorney-general if she closed the case down. Hefetz claims that it all boiled down to idle chatter and hadn't been coordinated with the prime minister and his wife. 
In Case 2000, Hefetz had involvement on both sides of the coin. He was head of public relations for Netanyahu, before which he served as senior editor in the Yedioth Ahronoth group, owned by Arnon Mozes. In 2009, Mozes is suspected of agreeing to provide sweetheart coverage of Netanyahu, who in turn allegedly promised to get the rival (free) newspaper Israel Hayom to stop printing a weekend edition, which stood to hugely benefit Yedioth. 
Channel 10 reports that Hefetz will be providing information on other cases – some of which the public hasn't even heard of yet.

Seems like prosecutors have plenty to go on to ring Bibi up, and Hefetz is just one of the main courses on the menu.  Whether a vote of no confidence is coming, Netanyahu resigns, or he calls early elections, I don't see how he survives the year as leader of the government.

I wish I could say the same for Trump, but we have a long way to go in that fight.

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