Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Last Call For Buckeye Bonfire

Seems the Speaker of the House in Ohio is retiring as well, and for more nefarious reasons as the FBI paid a little visit to Ohio Republican Cliff Rosenberger over the weekend, necessitating his sudden egress from the State Assembly.

Under investigation by the FBI for his lavish lifestyle, Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger resigned late Tuesday, effective May 1
"This inquiry has the potential to be very demanding and intensive, and could take months or even years to resolve," he said in a statement. "Ohioans deserve elected leaders who are able to devote their full and undivided attention to (lawmaking). ...

"I take this step with full confidence in my ultimate vindication." 
The FBI's interest in Rosenberger, one of Ohio's most powerful politicians, ranges from his worldwide travel to his use of a donor's luxury condo, several people briefed on the investigation told The Enquirer. 
As speaker, the Clinton County native has made the most of the perks of the office. An Enquirer review on Monday detailed his travel, ranging from Europe to Israel to Los Angeles to Boston. Often, his trips were paid for with other people's money, instead of out of his $100,798 salary. He often rubbed shoulders with lobbyists on the trips.

FBI agents are also looking into Rosenberger's cozy relationship with longtime GOP donor Ginni Ragan. Rosenberger, 36, of Clarksville, rented a luxury condo from her in downtown Columbus. The speaker did not say how much he paid in rent, and state law doesn't require he disclose it. 
Rep. Kirk Schuring, Rosenberger's No. 2, said he was not sure whether the FBI's investigation into Rosenberger included subpoenas of the House GOP or any of its members.

Rosenberger's meteoric rise to House Speaker at 36 was equaled only by his subsequent crash-and-burn routine.  I guess he wasn't wise enough to not tip off the feds but in the age of Trump, what do you expect from Republicans in any position of power in any state in the US?

For now, Schuring will take over as interim Speaker, and the race to replace Rosenberger's job will fall to either Ryan Smith, somebody tied too closely to Rosenberger himself, or to former Ohio Speaker Larry Householder, who himself faced scandal in 2004 over suspected vote buying.

Again, what do you expect from the party of complete and utter corruption?

Maybe vote for the other guys?  Just saying.

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