Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Drums Of War, Con't

The Trump Regime's plans for regime change and invasion in Venezuela continue apace, and we're not too far away now from the public relations full-court press to convince the American people that sending thousands of troops to Caracas in order to install a dictator more to our liking is a good thing. Certainly the replacement guy waiting in the wings is on board.

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaido refused to rule out on Friday the possibility of authorizing United States intervention to help force President Nicolas Maduro from power and alleviate a humanitarian crisis.

National Assembly leader Guaido told AFP he would do “everything that is necessary... to save human lives,” acknowledging that US intervention is “a very controversial subject.”

The opposition leader launched a bid to oust Maduro last month, declaring himself interim president, a move recognized by the US and around 40 other countries, including 20 from the European Union.

Under Maduro’s stewardship, oil-rich Venezuela’s economy has collapsed leaving the country wracked by hyperinflation, recession and shortages of basic necessities such as food and medicine.

“We’re going to do everything that has a lower social cost, that generates governability and stability to deal with the emergency,” said Guaido, 35.

He is trying to bring in food and medicines from the US but the supplies are stuck in warehouses in Colombia because the Venezuelan military has blocked their entry.

Earlier, Maduro vowed not to let in “fake humanitarian aid” and claimed Venezuela’s crisis has been “fabricated by Washington” to justify intervention.

Guaido says 300,000 people could die if desperately-needed aid isn’t brought in.

We'll have to save the Venezuelan people from Maduro's Socialist hellhole, and that of course will need tens, if not hundreds of thousands of US troops to fight and possibly die in South America just to let everybody know that the US still means business.

And with the razor-sharp competence of the Trump regime running this particular shitshow, I'm sure it won't explode into a massive regional proxy conflict.

Or worse.

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