Thursday, March 14, 2019

Construction Of A Scam

If you actually cared to know what former Trump chief racist strategist and human slouch/flop sweat elemental Steve Bannon has been up to lately, we'll he's been crossing the country screaming at white people in red states to give him money to build a private border wall, and I see no reason to dissuade stupid racists from losing their money to him.  He was here in Cincinnati on Tuesday playing to a crowd of...dozens...along with fellow racists Kris Kobach and David Clarke.

Even if the federal government doesn't build a wall along the Mexican border, Steve Bannon and a group of conservative activists will build one anyway, as early as next month.

Bannon, who is President Donald Trump's former chief strategist and the controversial right-wing editor of Breitbart, and the leaders of the group called We Build the Wall came into downtown Cincinnati on Tuesday to raise money and promote the effort to build a Mexican border wall on private land with private money.

We Build The Wall organizers chose Cincinnati as the second stop on a nationwide tour despite 1,400 miles separating the Mexican border and Cincinnati. Next stop is Detroit on Thursday.

"I'm in Cincinnati, because the border crisis is in Iowa," Bannon told the crowd of more than 200 people who came to the Hilton Netherland Plaza in Downtown Cincinnati. Some traveled as far away as rural West Virginia. "It's in Ohio. This border crisis is a national crisis."

When it comes to the border wall with Mexico, the country should have the president's back, Bannon said.

"This is a tragedy of biblical proportions," Bannon said. "The answer is not an open border...We can have President Trump's back to do it in the case he can't do it."

Construction on the privately funded wall will start in April, said Brian Kolfage, an Air Force veteran and triple amputee wounded in the Iraq War who founded We Build the Wall.

This is a great scam, frankly.  They can ask for money for decades, and these idiots will be dreaming of the day they can "use" castle doctrine or stand your ground laws to slaughter a truckload of "illegals" or something, and this will never, ever get built.

It's only a matter time before a lot of people go to jail for this, so enjoy the ride, I guess.

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