Friday, March 22, 2019

Jared, The Galleria Of Crime, Con't

Just a reminder that Jared Kushner is far from the worst person at criming in the Trump regime, but he does have the distinction of still being there to screw up.  Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary are already taking their swing at this pinata, and now it's Elijah Cummings's turn at House Oversight.

House Democrats are raising new concerns about what they say is recently revealed information from Jared Kushner’s attorney indicating that the senior White House aide has been relying on encrypted messaging service WhatsApp and his personal email account to conduct official business. 
The revelation came in a Dec. 19 meeting — made public by the House Oversight and Reform Committee for the first time on Thursday — between Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the former chairman of the Oversight panel, and Kushner’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell.

Cummings, who now leads the Oversight Committee, says in a new letter to White House counsel Pat Cipollone that Lowell confirmed to the two lawmakers that Kushner “continues to use” WhatsApp to conduct White House business. Cummings also indicated that Lowell told them he was unsure whether Kushner had ever used WhatsApp to transmit classified information. 
"That's above my pay grade," Lowell told the lawmakers, per Cummings' letter. 
Lowell added, according to Cummings, that Kushner is in compliance with record-keeping law. Lowell told the lawmakers that Kushner takes screenshots of his messages and forwards them to his White House email in order to comply with records preservation laws, Cummings indicated.
Kushner, whom the president charged with overseeing the administration’s Middle East policies, reportedly has communicated with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman via WhatsApp. 
The details of the discussion about Kushner’s email and messaging practices came as part of a new Oversight Committee demand for a slew of new documents from Kushner and other current and former White House officials, including his wife Ivanka Trump, former deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland, and former top strategist Steve Bannon. 
Cummings is demanding the documents by April 4 and signaled he may issue subpoenas if the White House refuses to comply.

Kushner used WhatsApp to talk to MBS, Ivanka has her own email server that she uses for communication to Jared with, and KT McFarland apparently used an AOL account to email Steve Bannon about that secret plan to give the Saudis classified nuclear info.

They're all idiots and massive security risks and they need to be in small cells, preferably without sunlight.

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