Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Last Call For Emergent Stupidity

Donald Trump is using his favorite minion, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, to let Republicans senators voting against his emergency declaration know that Trump will do everything in his power to destroy them.

President Donald Trump said Senate Republicans considering opposition to his emergency declaration on the border are "playing with fire," according to Sen. Lindsey Graham, who met with the president on Tuesday morning.

The South Carolina Republican said his meeting with the president focused mostly on the border and the number of illegal crossings as Trump faces certain bipartisan defeat on his emergency declaration in the Senate later this month.

Four Republican senators have said they will join 47 Senate Democrats in voting to block the national emergency declaration, though Trump will veto it and Congress likely won't be able to muster the votes to override it. And though Trump is not waging a massive campaign to convert Republicans to his side, he's acutely aware of the politics of the issue.

"He says he thinks Republicans are playing with fire here because most Republicans, anyway, most people I hope, will see that the border is in a state of crisis," Graham said, adding that Trump believes GOP senators that defy him are likely to face a political backlash. "That's his observation, but he's not out there calling people out or anything."

Not yet, at least.  He saves his racist, childish nicknames for Democrats so far.  Looks like that is about to change.  Sarah Sanders made it a bit more clear what to expect.

“My message to that group is to do your job,” she said during an appearance on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.” “If you had done what you were elected to do on the front end, the president wouldn’t have to fix this problem on his own through a national emergency.”

Also, Trump wants to know where that infrastructure bill is, apparently.  So would I, especially since Mitch McConnell has no intention of bringing anything up for a vote.

Even though Trump will simply veto the measure however, it represents the first real crack in the GOP foundation, depending on how badly Trump loses this vote.  If it's only Rand Paul and a handful of "mavericks" like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, then it's not really notable.  But if it gets more than 55 votes or so, it'll be something.

Not much, certainly after three years, but something.

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