Thursday, May 2, 2019

Last Call For Climate Of Destruction, Con't

Record Midwest flooding continues, this time in Iowa, while the Trump regime keeps insisting that climate change isn't real and that Trump is the best president on disasters or some crap.  The levees broke yesterday and downtown Davenport is basically gone.

For weeks, residents of Davenport, Iowa, looked warily toward the flooded Mississippi River as it encroached on their downtown, the water kept at bay only by temporary barriers lining the street.

On Tuesday, those barriers broke, sending murky river water rushing into businesses and forcing residents to scramble to safety. About 30 people who did not make it out in time were rescued by firefighters.

“The whole city had a very frantic feel about it,” said Rebecca Nicke, a co-owner of Abernathy’s, a vintage store located about half a block from the barrier, who said she ran for her vehicle and drove toward a hill when she heard the water coming.

“You start shaking,” said Ms. Nicke, who salvaged much of her inventory but does not expect to be able to return to her building for weeks. “And everything around me was like a blur.”
The flooding in Davenport, the third-largest city in Iowa, came amid a record-setting year of floods that have devastated cropland, small towns, infrastructure and Native American reservations across a large area of the Midwest. The damage in Davenport was more limited in scope than recent months have brought to parts of Nebraska, Missouri and western Iowa, but it was a reminder of the ongoing risks to the region as rivers rise and rainfall compounds the problems.

In the region around Davenport, the Mississippi has been above major flood stage for 39 days, a record. More rain is in the forecast with few signs of relief ahead.

“We’re not expecting the river to really go down anytime soon,” said Jessica Brooks, a hydrologist at the National Weather Service office in Davenport. “With the levels as high as they are and the flood conditions as they are, any additional rain we get will probably cause additional rises.”

Davenport was not the only place dealing with flooding on Wednesday as storms moved through the region.

In Douglas County, Mo., a 59-year-old man, who was apparently homeless and camping near a creek, was found drowned on Wednesday after a flash flood swept through the area.

Heavy rains also caused flooding in parts of Michigan and Illinois, where officials closed roads and warned residents not to drive through high waters. In Dearborn Heights, Mich., the mayor requested an emergency declaration from the state and opened a shelter for flood victims. In Detroit, officials said they would ask residents to help fill sandbags after water breached a sea wall in a residential area.

More rain, more flooding, more years of 100-year and 1000-year floods happening every 10.  And Republicans will do everything in their power to make America choose between social programs and climate change preparations.  That $2 trillion infrastructure deal won't even get a vote in the Senate, let alone pass.

Republicans will continue to make sure nothing happens, and that they are the ones most able to loot the treasury while the rest of us suffer.

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