Friday, November 8, 2019

Orange Meltdown, Con't

This should be the end of Donald Trump's regime, but of course America is Garbageville: Population Us so who cares, right?

A New York judge on Thursday ordered President Trump to pay $2 million in damages for misusing funds from a tax-exempt charity — taking the charity’s money to pay debts for his for-profit businesses, to boost his 2016 campaign and to buy himself art, according to court documents.

That order, from state judge Saliann Scarpulla, settled a lawsuit filed against Trump last year by the New York attorney general.

The lawsuit — based on information first uncovered by The Washington Post — alleged “persistently illegal conduct” at the Donald J. Trump Foundation, where Trump served as president for 32 years.

As part of the settlement, Trump also agreed to disburse the $1.8 million remaining in the foundation to a set of charities, and to shutter it for good. In a statement signed by Trump’s attorney, the president admitted to poor oversight of the charity and to seven specific instances where its money was misspent.

Again, that should be it.  His resignation from the Oval Office should be effective noon today. It should be a national moment of catharsis and epiphany.  We should be talking about a Pence administration and his involvement in Trump's wrongdoing.

But of course, we're not.

Because Donald Trump covers the world in impeachable offenses like the barn wall behind a horse's ass.

The president admitted, among other things, to improperly arranging for the charity to pay $10,000 for a 6-foot portrait of him. He also agreed to pay back $11,525 in foundation funds that he spent on sports memorabilia and champagne at a charity gala.

Trump also accepted restrictions on his involvement in other charitable organizations. His three eldest children, who were members of the foundation’s board, must undergo mandatory training on the duties of those who run charities.

Charities are barred from getting involved in political campaigns, but in weighing the Iowa fundraiser, Scarpulla gave Trump credit for making good on his pledge to give $2.8 million that his charity raised to veterans’ organizations.

Instead of fining him that amount, as the attorney general’s office wanted, the judge trimmed it to $2 million and rejected a demand for punitive damages and interest.

The Trump Foundation said it was pleased by those decisions, claiming that the judge “recognized that every penny ever raised by the Trump Foundation has gone to help those most in need.”

He lied of course, broke the law, and covered it up, and only the dogged reporting of Washington Post journalist David Farenthold has exposed this criminality.  Today we should be talking about how Farenthold took down the Trump regime.

If the Clinton Foundation had committed a fraction of these offenses and agreed to a settlement with New York state like this, Attorney General Bill Barr would be announcing a Justice Department federal investigation while Trump was screaming LOCK HER UP.

But of course, we're not.

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