Tuesday, April 21, 2020

That Poll-Asked Look, Con't

MSNBC's Steve Kornacki breaks down the latest NBC/WSJ poll on Trump's performance issues.

Trump still gets two-thirds of white men without college degrees and nothing is going to change that.  Nothing.

Not even the mass deaths of a pandemic.

Democrats need to let "working-class" white guys go.  They're all about the racism at this point.  Take the 30% or so and be grateful.

Having said that, If Joe Biden really is even with white men with college degrees and actually does have a thirty-five point lead among white women with college degrees, then Trump is toast.

In 2016, Clinton won white women with college degrees by only 7 points, and lost white men with college degrees by 14 points.  That means the Rust Belt states that won the country from Trump, PA, WI, MI are definitely slipping from Trump's grasp, but Trump-leaning battleground states like NC, Florida, and Arizona are very winnable for Joe.  Hell, it means the second tier of GOP states like Ohio and Iowa are even in play for Biden at this point, maybe, maaaaybe even Georgia.

Standard caveat though: COVID-19 and Trump holding the leash on unprecedented federal emergency powers means any semblance of a normal election is out the window.

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