Friday, May 8, 2020

Last Call For Open For Bloody Bluegrass Business

Giving in to political reality, I guess, Kentucky Gov, Andy Beshear is reopening the state's restaurants for dine-in on May 22, with gyms and theaters on June 1 as phase two of the state's reopening gets underway later this month.

Gov. Andy Beshear announced Thursday that Kentucky restaurants can reopen their dining rooms at a limited capacity on May 22 as the state saw 208 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky, bringing the total number of cases in the state above 6,000.

Restaurants will lead phase two of the reopening and will only be allowed to open at 33 percent capacity, plus unlimited outdoor seating that is six feet apart. Beshear said movie theaters and fitness centers will be able to reopen by June 1, campgrounds will be able to reopen by June 11 and some childcare services and outdoor youth sports will be able to reopen on June 15.

“This is a goal, a goal we are pushing for,” Beshear said of childcare services. “We want to have a safe plan for childcare, knowing that it is such a challenge for folks. I will tell you that it will be significantly reduced capacity and it will be very monitored to make sure that it’s safe.”

He said youth sports would be “low-touch” and that all of the youth sports will be outside.

Bars and groups of 50 or more people, which are part of phase three, may be able to open in July.

“While this is the schedule I want to make happen, one thing and one thing only sets the schedule in the end and that’s the coronavirus.” Beshear said. “Any peak that we see, any cause of major concern, we are all going to have to be willing to pause.”

People who are older than 65 and those who have heart or lung conditions are still being encouraged to stay home, even with the reopenings.

Beshear said he came to the decision to open restaurants on May 22 — before groups of 10 people or barbers and salons will be able to open on May 25 as part of phase one — after talking with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. Restaurants in Ohio will open to outdoor seating before Kentucky.

“We hope to be able to gradually raise that capacity,” Beshear said. “But this is the best compromise.”

The reality is that this is the plan to eliminate COVID-19 unemployment checks for thousands of Kentuckians. Beshear is 100% going along with it. I'd like to think it's because he has no choice, if he doesn't, the state GOP will simply make him do it anyway.

But he's going along with it.

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