Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Blue Wave Rises, Con't

GOP Sen. Martha McSally is going down in flames in Arizona, and Democrat Mark Kelly, a former astronaut and husband to former Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords, now has a double-digit lead. Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts:

From the Republican uh-oh department: Arizona Sen. Martha McSally is sliding in the polls, dropping four percentage points in a month.

McSally now trails Democrat Mark Kelly by 13 points, according to the latest tracking poll by OH Predictive Insights.

While the April poll of 600 likely voters favored Kelly 51% to McSally’s 42%, in May it’s now 51%-38%.

The poll shows independents breaking more than 2-1 for Kelly.

“McSally is doing terribly,” pollster Mike Noble told me on Monday. “There’s no way to find a bright spot on that one.”

And that’s not even the bad news for McSally.

The bad news comes from Maricopa County, where Republicans rule.

At least, they did rule, until Democrat Kyrsten Sinema defeated McSally there in 2018 -- stealing 88 mostly-suburban precincts that normally would go to the Republican nominee.

McSally's declining support lies within the 4 percent margin of error in the May tracking poll, a blend of live and automated calls made between May 9 to May 11. But her Maricopa County numbers are a disaster.

In May 2019, this same tracking poll showed Kelly up over McSally, 46%-41%, among likely voters in Maricopa County.

In May 2020, Kelly has climbed to 54% in Maricopa County while McSally has dropped to 36%.

Just think about that for a moment. Kelly has gone from a five-point advantage in Maricopa County to an 18-point cruise

McSally is losing Maricopa County, by far the largest GOP stronghold in the state, by 18 points. It shows that Trump's collapse among senior voters in Arizona as a result of demanding they be fed to the COVID-19 monster and oh yeah, openly planning to cut Socials Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, is not going to spare McSally in any way.

McSally has firmly gotten behind Trump on both sacrificing grandma to the virus and cutting social programs.

This is her position. In Arizona.

Democrats are looking better and better in the Senate almost daily.

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