Monday, October 18, 2021

Insurrection Investigation, Con't

 It's good to know GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger isn't ruling out a January 6th Commission subpoena for Donald Trump, but nobody honestly things that will happen, for reasons I've stated multiple times in the past.
A Republican on the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol on Sunday did not rule out issuing a subpoena for former President Donald Trump as it seeks to obtain information from his allies. 
"I don't know. I think if I had that answer now, I'd probably go in, you know, and not be able to see all the pieces," Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union" when asked if the committee could do a thorough investigation without subpoenaing Trump. "If we subpoena all of a sudden the former president, we know that's going to become kind of a circus so that's not necessarily something we want to do up front. But if he has pieces of information we need, we certainly will." 
The House has issued subpoenas to allies of the former President, including former administration official Kash Patel and former chief of staff Mark Meadows. The committee announced last week it was moving forward to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena. 
Asked Friday what his message is to those who defy subpoenas from the January 6 select committee, President Joe Biden told CNN's Kaitlan Collins, "I hope that the committee goes after them and holds them accountable." 
"I do, yes," Biden said when asked if he thinks they should be prosecuted by the Department of Justice. 
But DOJ spokesperson Anthony Coley said Friday that the department will "make its own independent decisions in all prosecutions based solely on the facts and the law. Period. Full stop."
Trump certainly possesses information, but the Commission will never subpoena him. The second he does, his domestic terrorist cultists will immediately try to harm or kill people across the country in a mass orgy of violence. 

Should they do it anyway?  Of course. Trump needs to be dragged in front of the cameras and fried like a cheese curd. But it won't happen.

People will be hurt or killed if he does. It really is that simple.

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