Saturday, April 1, 2023

Outfoxed And Outnumbered, Con't

Fox News is in dire trouble as the judge in the Dominion Voting Services defamation case will allow the lawsuit to go to trial later this month.
A judge denied granting summary judgment to Fox News in its attempt to get Dominion Voting System's $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit thrown out Friday, meaning the case will go to trial in mid-April.

Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis handed Dominion a major win, too, when he agreed that the challenged statements are false.

The ruling spares the voting machine company from having to litigate baseless conspiracy theories about its role in the 2020 election during the upcoming trial on Dominion’s $1.6 billion defamation suit against Fox News and its parent company, Fox Corp.

“The evidence developed in this civil proceeding demonstrates that is CRYSTAL clear that none of the Statements relating to Dominion about the 2020 election are true,” wrote Judge Eric Davis in his 81-page ruling.

The jury will be asked to consider whether Fox News journalists acted with actual malice — knowing falsity or reckless disregard for the truth — in publishing the claims, and whether damages are due. They will also be asked to weigh the involvement of Fox Corp. in the publication of the alleged defamatory statements.

"We are gratified by the Court’s thorough ruling soundly rejecting all of Fox’s arguments and defenses, and finding as a matter of law that their statements about Dominion are false. We look forward to going to trial," a spokesperson for Dominion said in a statement.

“This case is and always has been about the First Amendment protections of the media’s absolute right to cover the news. FOX will continue to fiercely advocate for the rights of free speech and a free press as we move into the next phase of these proceedings,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement.

Dominion alleges Fox damaged its reputation by promoting phony claims that it was tied to the late Venezuelan President Hugo Ch├ívez, paid kickbacks to politicians and “rigged” the presidential election by flipping millions of votes for Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Jurors will be instructed that those claims are not true — a position Fox News did not challenge in the otherwise hotly contested case.

Dominion argued the claims are defamatory because they accuse the company of “a serious crime” and damaged its reputation, turning it into “one of the most demonized brands in the United States or the world.”

It also contended the claims were made with “actual malice,” which is defined as being made with “knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.”

The judge said he was leaving that up to the jury to decide.
For the defamation case to be allowed to go forward to trial is extremely bad for Fox News. For the judge to then issue a partial summary judgment that Fox News made numerous false statements, and the jurors will be told to consider those statements to be false from the start...

...There's no reason for Dominion to settle. They're going to win.

Sure, Fox News will tie this case up in court for years on appeals, but they are going to lose those appeals too.

It's going to get hideous for the Murdochs, and I can't wait.

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