Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Milepost On The Road To Oblivion

Jeff Sessions makes jokes about crack cocaine.

Check, please. Also, while we're at TPM, Robert Bork is apparently still angry about, well, being Borked, and thinks Sonia Sotomayor should be Borked too.

Borkings for all, apparently. Still, the Sotomayor confirmation appears to be all but a done deal right now.
Sotomayor, poised to become the first Hispanic justice on the top U.S. court, appeared for a fourth day before the Senate Judiciary Committee where she has coolly parried Republican attempts to depict her as unfit for the lifetime job.

The committee's Democratic chairman Senator Patrick Leahy said there was little doubt she would be approved by the full Democratic-controlled Senate and take her seat when the nine-member court hears its next case in September.

And the ranking Republican on the committee, Senator Jeff Sessions, said Republicans would not seek to block the confirmation vote, expected in the next several weeks.

"I look forward to you getting that vote before we recess in August," Sessions said.

Four days of straight damage to the Latino image of the Republican Party is enough even for these gluttons for punishment.

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