Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blue Dogs Chasing Moving Cars

The problem with Blue Dogs chasing Obamacare cars on the highway of history is that if you dart into traffic like that, you risk getting run over as D-day points out.
The lack of an instinct for self-preservation strikes me. If health care doesn't pass, the primary part of the President's agenda, the 2010 midterms could get ugly. And the first people to pay the price would be Blue Dogs in conservative districts and freshmen, the same people grousing at the provisions of the bill. Some of that is legislative sausage as they look to get paid off - but the cost of not having a bill for these members of Congress is great.
I actually think the Blue Dogs have convinced themselves --or more likely they have been convinced by Big Pharma and the Insurance giants -- that voters will actually reward the Blue Dogs for killing Obamacare.

More likely still, the health care lobbyist army has come to the Blue Dog membership and said "Look, we're going to defeat this measure. It's going to go down in flames just like in 1993. If you're still hitched to Obama's wagon on this, you're going to go down along with him. Do you remember what happened to your party in 1994?"

And they are falling in line like good little bought and paid for show poodles.

Only, as D-Day says, it's opposing health care reform that's going to get these Blue Dogs hits by the Angry Constituent Bus.

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