Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obama's Missing 18 1/2 Minutes

Via The Political Carnival, the sub-genii over at American Thinker are convinced that Obama ditching the press this weekend to go to his daughter's soccer game REALLY meant he ran off to secretly meet with Jack Bauer or the ghost of Enver Hoxha or Skeletor or something.

No really...that's the entire conspiracy.
With all of the technology that people have -- iPhones, Blackberries -- not one person took a photo of Obama? And the press didn't get a shot of him getting into his vehicle? Obama loves the cameras, and this is what he looks like at his daughter's soccer game.

Even three days later, there are still no pictures of the president from Saturday's game. The USA just disarmed to Russia, Poland's president and 95 others were killed hours before, and there were many international leaders in Washington, D.C. for the nuclear summit set to begin on Monday, April 12.
And we shouldn't raise even more questions on his whereabouts? According to the MSM, the answer is yes.
And people say this blog is ironically titled within an inch of its life. 

So he ran off to have a fat spliff, a Cherry Coke Zero, and a bag of Funyuns.  It's America.  What's the big deal?  I still think he was just screwing with the press pool.  Or was he really at Kenyan Usurpers Anonymous? Inquiring minds want to know.


Tom Hilton said...

Also: no photos or video of him being born, supposedly in America. What is he trying to hide?

JustOneMinute said...

I think Zandar wins this round - a bit of time with Google reveals that

(a) the venue includes a soccer field used by youth leagues, and

(b) a youth league had a girls game scheduled for 9AM Saturday. The game time works; the team was age and gender appropriate.

Either this is so carefully constructed a cover story that it will never be cracked, or Obama went to see a daughter play soccer.

(Sorry about the lack of supporting details; people can trust me or do the research themselves, and maybe the Secret Service will give me a break. Paparazzi, stalkers and terrorists will have to take it from here!)

Tom Maguire

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