Friday, June 4, 2010

The Race To Erase Race

OK, this story is beyond disturbing, it's horrendous. Arizona, you suck.

A group of artists has been asked to lighten the faces of children depicted in a giant public mural at a Prescott school.

The project's leader says he was ordered to lighten the skin tone after complaints about the children's ethnicity. But the school's principal says the request was only to fix shading and had nothing to do with political pressure.

The "Go on Green" mural, which covers two walls outside Miller Valley Elementary School, was designed to advertise a campaign for environmentally friendly transportation. It features portraits of four children, with a Hispanic boy as the dominant figure.

R.E. Wall, director of Prescott's Downtown Mural Project, said he and other artists were subjected to slurs from motorists as they worked on the painting at one of the town's most prominent intersections.

"We consistently, for two months, had people shouting racial slander from their cars," Wall said. "We had children painting with us, and here come these yells of (epithet for Blacks) and (epithet for Hispanics)."

Wall said school Principal Jeff Lane pressed him to make the children's faces appear happier and brighter.
"It is being lightened because of the controversy," Wall said, adding that "they want it to look like the children are coming into light."

Lane said that he received only three complaints about the mural and that his request for a touch-up had nothing to do with political pressure. "We asked them to fix the shading on the children's faces," he said. "We were looking at it from an artistic view. Nothing at all to do with race."
Nothing at all to do with race.  Here's the best part:
City Councilman Steve Blair spearheaded a public campaign on his talk show at Prescott radio station KYCA-AM (1490) to remove the mural.

Yeah, that's right.  An elected city official did this.  To an elementary school mural.  On his AM talk radio show.  You know, because the little black and Latino kids might have actually seen a face that looked like them in an artistic depiction at a school that, you know, has Latino and black kids in it, when we have an African-American president and First Lady and kids who look like some of them playing on the swingset in the White House.

There are people who will never, ever, accept that. And they will make life a living hell for these kids and their parents and their community in the name of "taking their country back".

But it's not about race. It's never about race. Because if you point out the obvious fact that it is about race, and there's a campaign to rid the country of anybody who's too dark or has a weird or funny religion or wants to marry somebody of the same're the problem for pointing it out.

Racists, bigots...they hate to be called that more than anything else, you know.

Way to set an example for the 21st century, Arizona.


tsisageya said...

Zandar, you are my go-to guy for most things. The douchebags that are in your offices that give you a hard time in comments have taken back the word douchebag.

You're thick skin must become MY thick skin.

Make it so #1.

I regret EVER agreeing with Arcadian for whatever reason.

There. I am cleansed, if you forgive me.

tsisageya said...

P.S. My name is tsisageya now, not Shub Tsaddiq (according to Google).

I have been having a hard time commenting here in my right name. Wordpress and Google make me confused.

Anyway, I want in---however I can get there.

Unknown said...

I hate to burst your bubble Zandar but unless this school is 25% African-American, 25% Latino, and 50% white, the councilman has a valid point. What about the Asian, Native American, and mixed race kids? Does the mural's lack of depictions of those children make the entire state of Arizona racist too?

Let's also note that this mural was paid for with taxpayer funded state grant, on the side of a taxpayer funded school, with taxpayer-paid teachers and school employees. Perhaps this wasn't the best use of $5,000 of Arizona taxpayer money.

Blair is right. This mural created a massive racial controversy ginned up by you liberals looking to tar everyone you can with the racist brush!

tsisageya said...

Arcadian, why are you still speaking? Do you speak Cherokee? Do you speak Tewa?

NO. I didn't think so.

So stop trying to burst ANYONE'S motherfucking bubble.

You asshole.

Zandar said...

Oh that is such utter moral relativist bullshit. Everyone was fine with the mural until Councilman Blair here decided to go on his Wingnut talk radio show and complain about it. He created the controversy quite literally, and the controversy is all about RACE in a state where whites are a shrinking demographic. Lighten their faces? Screw that. It's pure bullshit and you know it.

You used to have much better arguments in college, Arc. Really.

Zandar said...

And what really, truly pisses me off is the fact the school gave into this racist bullshit and changed the mural.

But it's not about race in Arizona. It's never about race.

tsisageya said...

All I really want to do is put down motherfucking assholes.

Am I wrong for that?

Lowkey said...


Pathetic. This is the most childish your logic has ever been, and in defense of the indefensible.

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