Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clear As Kentucky Clay Mud

The one thing Jack Conway has going for him in the KY Senate race is that every time Rand Paul tries to explain away one of his nutbar positions, he ends up making things an order of magnitude worse.  Rand's supposition that Kentucky law enforcement shouldn't take federal money to fight drugs like meth in the eastern part of the state earned Jack Conway an endorsement from the KY Fraternal Order of Police yesterday.  Greg Sargent has Paul's reply:

Now Paul has stepped forward to clarify those remarks in an interview with local WYMT-TV, claiming that as a physician, he does view the drug problem as a serious one. But it's unclear whether his clarification will help much. In sum, he said the best solution to drug use is to bring down unemployment -- which is best done by giving rich people the freedom to invest and create jobs.

It's not a stretch to ask whether Paul thinks the best solution to the drug problem is leaving the rich alone to do their thing. From the interview:
"I personally think we've been trying the government solution, and maybe there are some good aspects to it. But we're still failing, and we're not getting rid of the drug problem," Paul said.
Paul says reinvesting money in the local economy will help ease the unemployment, which he says leads to more drug use.

"You want rich people because that's what creates jobs. If you punish people, they won't expand or create jobs," Paul said.
Hooooooo boy.  Yeah, the meth problem in rural counties is really going to be helped by tax cuts for the rich.  That'll get Rand some votes in counties where there is double digit unemployment, I'm sure...

Explains why Conway has narrowed Paul's lead to just 5 points among likely voters (45-40%) and they are dead even (40% each) among registered voters in today's Reuters poll.

Turning into a real race now.

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Matt Osborne said...

Ah, Rand Paul...gift that just won't quit giving.

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