Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Somebody's Got To Pay

Kevin Drum documents the disconnect.

To recap, voters like the Democrats more than the Republicans. They think Democrats share their values and would rather actually see them in charge. But somebody's got to pay for not fixing the Bush economic collapse in 18 months, and that somebody is going to be the Democrats...because they're in charge.

The Republicans don't have to run on anything. "They're not the Democrats" is all it takes, apparently.

They're taking it out on the Dems. Logic goes like this: "Democrats have had 18 months to fix this economy and they've failed. There's a 99.999% chance the Republicans will make it worse, but you know, hope and change."


Dr. J. Robert Asten said...
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Dr. J. Robert Asten said...

If these numbers are correct, then Democrats should run on their records, right? The only thing we've heard from the DNC, the DSCC, and the DCCC is either the "race card," which people should be tired of, and "fear the TEA Party."

Democrats have refused to listen to the electorate since Obama's inauguration and they're going to pay the price. I seriously doubt that had Democrats been concerned about fixing the economy, rather than forcing ObamaCare down peoples' throats, they'd be in their current shape politically.

But Democrats will have had 4 years to fix the economy...not 18 months.

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