Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zandar's Thought Of The Day

Rand Paul made me think Republicans were crazy.  Then Sharron Angle won her primary in Nevada.

Sharron Angle made me think Republicans were totally nuts.  Then Joe Miller won his primary in Alaska.

Joe Miller med me think Republicans were completely insane.  Then Christine O'Donnell burst onto the scene in Delaware.

And suddenly I don't feel nearly as bad about the Dems and the Senate.

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Paul W. said...

Ditto, for all the talk about what a "sweeping" movement the teapartiers have constructed, it is pretty damn direction-less as well as being prone to cannibalism. The few outright teapartiers that I know talk about how empowered they feel when they gather together to yell at various government buildings... but that doesn't equal any votes gained outside their own.

If the GOTV operation of 2008 is even half as effective (or 1/10th according to OFA's plans), then it will be worlds beyond theirs.

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