Sunday, June 5, 2011

Still A Weiner After All This Time

Joe Cannon neatly disposes of the latest winger theory that "proves" Rep. Weiner is the culprit.  He used Tweetdeck to post his stuff.  No really, that's the entire argument.

Let's knock this one down quickly, shall we?

I revealed in this blog -- long before the Daily published its "exclusively" provided "data" -- that Weiner used TweetDeck that night. But so what?

The poor schlub writing for the Daily -- his name is Daniel Libit -- doesn't understand that Seixon's entire "TweetDeck" argument was based on the presupposition that the congressman used TweetDeck or some similar app EVERY SINGLE TIME. Thus, he never established a Yfrog account.

Yet even the Daily stipulates that this was not the case.

So there goes the argument. Poof.

Nice try, wingers...but you don't know squat about this one.  Surprising, I know.  The Tweetdeck stuff is entirely irrelevant to the Yfrog security hole. 

TweetDeck automatically establishes a Yfrog account for you. When you try to send a pic, it even flashes a message: "Sending via Yfrog." Don't take my word for it. Download the app for yourself and try it out.

I downloaded TweetDeck and had one of my fictional creations send a pic to another. "Chalice153" had never set up a Yfrog account -- and yet one was set up for her. Here it is. (That's Angela, my model. Pretty, isn't she?) That account was open to the very same exploit which I pointed out in my post.

Seixon, a known Republican operative with a long and irrefutable history of flim-flammery, tried to pretend that this was not the case. Interestingly, he set up his blog to make that argument on the very day when Yfrog plugged its security hole. The plugging made it impossible to prove him wrong via a real-world, real-time test.

Still, I don't think that such a test is necessary. Chalice153 has granted a Yfrog account the moment she sent a picture, even though she did not go to Yfrog's website to set one up. In the days before the security hole was plugged, anyone could have uploaded anything to that account.

So the entire argument is bogus. The Daily has given us techno-babble.

But we've seen the kind of illogical leaps the right will make to preserve their narrative.  Why should facts get in the way of a good old fashioned political smear job to distract people from the real problem?

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