Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Drawing Attacks From Extremists

The Paris offices of French satire weekly Charlie Hebdo were attacked by three gunmen Wednesday, killing 12 and generally proving once again that religious fundamentalist idiots really cannot handle humor.

Masked gunmen burst into the Paris offices of a French satirical newspaper on Wednesday and killed 12 people, including top journalists and two police officers, before fleeing in a car. The gunmen were still at large at dusk, as an extensive police dragnet spread across a traumatized city. 
Among the dead were four prominent cartoonists who have repeatedly lampooned Islamic terrorists and the Prophet Muhammad, leading to speculation that the attack on the newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, was the work of Islamic militants acting alone or in concert with extremist groups. 
A police guard assigned to protect the newspaper was among the first victims. A second police officer, who responded to reports of the shooting, was killed on the sidewalk outside the office by the fleeing suspects, the Paris police said. The shooting of the second police officer was captured in a widely-seen video. 
President Fran├žois Hollande immediately declared that the attack was an act of terrorism and an assault on freedom of the press. He ratcheted up France’s nationwide terror alert to its highest level, and met with his cabinet in an emergency session. He said France was already on high alert after several planned terrorist attacks were thwarted in recent weeks.

And speaking of idiots with no sense of humor:

Tom McInerney, a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, told Steve Doocy that “this is a classical radical Islamist attack, Steve, and political correctness is killing us. This is a prime example.” 
“We must hold the Arab world and the Muslim world accountable,” he continued, “for this radical Islamic ideology — which, as I’ve said before — is as evil as Nazism, fascism, and communism. It is not a religion.” 
Doocy then introduced a clip of the gunman firing, and noted that that “I’ve been getting a lot of tweets from people from Paris who said that most cops choose not even to carry a gun. That, thankfully, is not the case in New York.” 
“Thankfully,” McInerney replied, “but with the current leadership in New York — and I’m referring to the mayor, the communist mayor you have up there — that may change.” 
“So I think that the world must wake up. We’ve been doing this for almost 13-plus years since 9/11, and I think it’s time to hold the people accountable with global public opinion. Challenge them.” 
“What do you know specifically about the growth of radical Islam in France?” Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked. 
“Well, France has got approaching 20 percent of a Muslim population,” McInerney answered. “When they get there, they provoke the culture of the nation they are in, and tell them about the culture they want the nation to adopt. That’s where the political correctness comes.”
“That’s the danger, Elisabeth — they become much more assertive, and they do these kinds of things.”

13 plus years since 9/11 and some of us have learned nothing.

So when do we invade France to free them from Muslim tyranny, or whatever?


djchefron said...

Never heard of them till today then I read his rudeness post about them and what they print as humor. I think its a must read to put this in context.

In Brief: Conservatives Need to Be Careful How They Condemn the Paris Shooting - See more at:

tomstickler said...

I suppose France is close to 20% Muslim if 7% is considered close.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Once again we see this bizarre alliance between some Atheists and some Christians to catapult the hatred against all Moslems. Somehow I am not seeing this as the first step on road to world piece.

Scopedog said...

It isn't a first step forward, it's five steps back. Already Bill Maher has opened his mouth to spew out the usual "all religions are horrible/bad/illogical" nonsense, and the drive continues to equate ANYONE who is Muslim with terrorism--something that Sam Harris and Michael Luciano over at the Daily Banter love to do.

Meanwhile, lost in the stampede of stupidity is the fact that one of the policemen killed yesterday was a French Muslim.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Luciano is a clown, at least Harris has a bit of intellectual heft in his own field - and the lightbulb just went on: Harris is the mirror image of Ben Carson, who appears to be a gifted neurosurgeon when he is not huffing the far right Jesus Juice.

But as you observe, it's bad and getting worse. Some of these people, it appears, will not be satisfied until there is a full blown religiously themed race war that is somehow going to purify the world and usher in the golden age of facts and evidence and reason and logic and NO SUPERSTITIONS! They don't appear to understand that extremism thrives amidst the chaos of war, and feeds on the bitterness of loss and despair. Secularism was invented in response to the religious wars of five hundred years ago, but not everyone understands that it took three centuries of genocide before our Enlightenment forebears agreed to put down their rocks and play nice.

Some folks are even jumping up & down and hooting about Anders Breivik, the norwegian right wing extremist who shot all those kids at the Social Democratic Day Camp in Oslo. If you hung out at before they disabled comments, user Syttende Mai used to rant about murdering the children of his political opponents, inspired by Breivik and his "success." Somehow Breivik was some kind of ultraist Christian as well, which something something and is very bad.

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