Monday, June 17, 2019

Last Call For Our Little Domestic Terrorism Problem, Con't

Dallas Morning News photographer Tom Fox was at the federal courthouse in Dallas to cover a trial when he snapped a picture of a man in combat fatigues and mask approaching the building.  The story happened from there.

A man in a mask and combat gear was fatally shot Monday morning in downtown Dallas after he opened fire with an assault weapon outside the Earle Cabell Federal Building. No one else was injured.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno identified the gunman as Brian Isaack Clyde, 22, at a news conference on a street corner near the federal building. Clyde died at the scene and was taken to Baylor University Medical Center, officials said.

Neither DeSarno nor Erin Nealy Cox, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Texas, gave any indication why Clyde targeted the federal building. They also did not say who shot Clyde after police responded to an active-shooter call.

"We're looking into motive," DeSarno said at an afternoon news conference. DeSarno said the FBI had not investigated Clyde before the shooting and he was not on any watch list. Investigator were "aggressively pursing" his social media presence, the agent said.

Dallas Morning News photographer Tom Fox saw Clyde fire outside the building on Jackson Street and took photos as the shooting occurred.

Fox said Clyde fired from the parking lot across the street toward him, another man, a security guard and a woman who was walking a golden retriever.

The windows in a revolving door and two side doors at one entrance were broken. It was unclear whether Clyde or law-enforcement personnel had shot the door.

Fox's photos show authorities surrounding Clyde as he lay in a parking lot where he'd run and fallen after the shooting.

In one photo, a Homeland Security agent with blue latex gloves is hovering over Clyde. In others, Clyde is shirtless and law enforcement officers, including the agent, kneel around him. On Clyde's left arm, he had a red heart tattoo with the silhouette of a cat inside it.

And of course, the gunman was a white ex-military type.

Attacking a guarded federal courthouse went as it should, the gunman was shot and killed and nobody else injured.  But as always, this will be dismissed as a "crazy lone wolf" and not be flagged as part of a deadly pattern that has only grown worse over the last 25 years.

America has a serious problem with its military and police being infested with white supremacists and outright Nazi fascists.  The fact this isn't Moday's top story tells you just how bad the problem of Trumpian stochastic terrorism is.

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